E-locals is an online sustenance and local store that aims to ensure ease and comfort to all its customers. With experience of the past many years, we strive to ensure the best products to all our customers, starting from grocery items, fruits, vegetables, essential medicines, toiletries, fresh raw meat, etc., which all are the basic necessities of our life. The changing trends of the market have shifted most of the things online. E-locals are here to deliver the necessities of life right on the doorsteps of our customers.
Whether you want to buy the Kirana items such as pulses, rice, cereals, etc., or you aim to buy medicines and cleaning scents, we have got the complete stock for your daily needs. Tje best part is you can avail the local services in your area, just by connecting through our app or website. We are a registered store under the authority of DIPP, and currently providing our services in 4 cities, including pune. We have a target to install in 320 locations in India. Our business model aims for providing Digital Shops, eMagic Link & Promotion Packages every year. We always ensure a high end Delivery Management System to provide on time delivery services at minimum cost.

We are growing

Our mission

Our main motive is to give 100% satisfaction to your customers. Therefore, we never compromise with the quality of goods.

  • We strive to bring ease and comfort in our customer's daily routine.
  • We have a team of professionals who have enough experience in dealing with the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • E-locals are all set to deliver you happiness right on your doorsteps in the minimum time.
  • We ensure the delivery of our goods within 90 minutes of placing the order.
  • All the fruits and vegetables are fresh, the Kirana items are premium quality, and medicines are available in a wide range.
  • The best part of shopping for us is our effective prices.

Our vision

E-locals has a vision "Helping small businesses to sell online anything locally with their digital shops', the goal is to enable micro-entrepreneurship, community commerce". We keep coming with various deals and offers to provide the best pieces to our customers. You can buy your monthly Rashan, cleaning items, and other essentials at the minimum price.
Our online store is extremely easy to use. You can add the items you wish to buy in the car and place the order without hesitation. We have our store in Pune from where you can pick your order. Our delivery executives are immensely professional with their job and ensure fast and secure delivery.

Our team

We have a dedicated team that never fails to ensure 100 % satisfaction to all our customers. From taking care of your needs to delivering your goods on time, our team lacks professionalism. We have professionals who are highly educated and have their graduation degree from prominent universities. At E-Locals, we have Mr. Avkash Kumar as our COO & CMO, who is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur. We also have our Product & Finance Manager, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, who is also a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, and our CTO, Mr. Sanket Payghan, who graduated from IIT, Dhanbad.
With such a qualified and expert team, we are always ready to go an extra mile for the comfort of our customers and associates. If you are looking for online delivery, then our delivery team is super fast and efficient. Once you are connected with E-locals, you can be carefree about your requirements. We never leave any scope of disappointments and always ensure our best goods and services to all of our customers you can connect with us or buy from us by visiting our e-store at elocals.in.

Why should you choose us?

E-locals are always available for the service of our customers. From early morning deliveries to late-night support, we are always available to maintain the convenience of our customers. There are various aspects of our service that every customer must know. If you are still doubtful about our goods and services, we can make it easy for you. Below mentioned are certain major aspects of E-locals that would ensure you about our services in Pune:

  • Quality products

    E-locals keep on updating the products in the store. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers. While keeping in mind the satisfaction of our customers, we always ensure the best quality of products to them. All the fruits and vegetables available at our store are of new and premium quality. We have got the most high-end quality of ration items. All the food items have quality marks and are certified by ISI. Hence, you can be carefree about the products you are buying from E-locals.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits

    Vegetables and fruits available at our store are completely fresh and of premium quality. We are connected with the daily suppliers of fruits and vegetables who bring the best farm products to our store. We never compromise with the quality and deliver the fresh items to our cutworms. Whether You order from us in the morning or you buy from us at night, you will get the best quality of products throughout the day without any fail.
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals

    Unlike other online grocery stores, E-locals also have a great variety of medicines and pharmaceuticals. We understand the severity of medical emergencies, and hence, we have got the best medicines at cost-effective prices. You can order your medicines for us right by sitting at your home. Take your mobile phone, and visit our E-locals.in store to buy your medicine. All the medicines are available in the best quality, trying the best to avoid delays in delivering the medical items.
  • Doorstep delivery

    It doesn't matter in which part of the city you are living; E-locals have a great distribution channel of goods and services. We are available all the time to deliver goods and services to the doorsteps of our customers. You have to share your location or address with our delivery executive, and he will drive to your doorstep and deliver you your bundle of happiness. We have minimum delivery charges. Also, our delivery executives are very well educated and have enough ethics and professionalism to deal with the customers.
  • Effective prices

    You must be thinking that online local stores must be more expensive than the local vendors. Well, E-locals are all here to break this myth. We have got a wide range of products at the most effective prices. You can buy your monthly household and daily essentials at the minimum prices right from elocals.in. You can make the payments easily by using the online payments mentioned, such as debit card, credit card, UPI, etc., and a cash on delivery option is also available.

E-locals are all here to give you the best buying experience with all the best services and high-quality goods. We are here to assure you the grocery items right at your doorstep at the most cost-effective prices. Hence, do not delay and make E-locals your daily needs partner and enjoy the best services in India. Now buying groceries would not be a headache for you, as E-locals are here to help you. Connect with us and get exclusive deals and offers on various grocery items and enjoy exciting discounts on various items. A perfect digital local shopping experience is right on your way with elocals.in.

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