Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

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Apple HomeKit is booming. Thanks to iOS 11, it's easier than ever for smart home companies to get their products working HomeKit and the list of compatible devices is growing fast.

That's a great thing, as Apple HomeKit wants to unify your smart home, putting your iPhone, iPad and Siri in control of everything from smart thermostats to connected lightbulbs and more. For some help with getting started, check out our list below of the best Apple HomeKit devices - and we'll keep things updated as time goes on -

Apple HomePod

There's no doubt that the Cupertino giant has created a fantastic sounding speaker, but it's still pretty half baked as a smart speaker. Siri isn't a patch on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of features and performance - but that doesn't mean it will always lag behind. If you're an Apple fan looking to build out a HomeKit ecosystem, it's your only choice - you'll just need to strap yourself in for the ride.

Philips Hue

Why would you want purple lighting in the bedroom and fuschia in the living room? Because you can, of course. Colours and brightness can now be controlled within the Apple ecosystem through Siri and, if you're an existing Hue user, it's simple to port all the info needed from your old bridge.

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HomeKit - compatible thermostats

With Ecobee, Honeywell and Tado thermostats on board with HomeKit, the big omission here is Nest and unfortunately that's not likely to change soon, as Nest and Google smart home kit get closer in order to rival Amazon and Apple.

Logitech Circle 2

A HomeKit compatible smart camera. HomeKit is still starving for smart security cameras, so it's good news that the Circle 2 is available with HomeKit support. Logitech's versatile, weatherproof camera can work indoors and out, with wired and wireless options, and can stick on all manner of walls and surfaces. However, only the wired version is HomeKit compatible for now.

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