Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4

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Xiaomi's Mi TVs are TVs in name only. Much like LeEco's strategy before it, the television is a content delivery mechanism for the company. In fact, Xiaomi has often cited the lack of content partnerships as the primary reason for not bringing these TVs to India. But they're here now, starting with the Mi TV 4. So, Xiaomi must think it's ready.

With three HDMI and USB ports each, the Mi TV provides ample connectivity options. You also get an ethernet port, just in case the WiFi wasn't working for you. While there's ample port support here, the placement is somewhat problematic.

In essence, the TV is just another screen for the company to extend its ecosystem. In India though, it's just like any other television. The content offerings here aren't owned by Xiaomi, so it's unlikely that the company is making a lot of money from them. At least not unless it sells enough of these TVs.

The TV runs on Xiaomi's PatchWall user interface, which serves content based on what you watch. From the offset, you will see content offerings from Sony Liv, Viu, Voot and Hungama on the home screen. Xiaomi actually has quite a few content partnerships here actually, but none that actually dazzle.

In that respect, the Mi TV is far behind offerings from Sony, LG or Samsung. To be clear, it's still a great TV for the price, I'm just warning you against setting your expectations too high.

Colours and contrast on the Mi TV 4 are decent. If you're upgrading from cheaper offerings from Vu etc, you will actually see a fair difference here. Yet, it's nothing like the Samsung QLEDs and a far stretch from OLED TVs from Sony and LG.

For small to medium-sized rooms, the Mi TV 4 is quite enough. Audio isn’t very detailed, but it works for watching TV in general. Like most TVs in India, it does the job for watching movies or videos, but if your ears are better tuned, you may want to add speakers or a home theatre unit. 


Simply put, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is a good TV for the price. Yet, it's sad to see that Xiaomi is just one amongst many now. The Mi TV 4 doesn't dazzle, which is not a problem, as long as you keep your expectations in check.

That said, in the larger scheme of things, it's a value for money television, which is what matters.

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