1Where do you deliver?

The high-end service of locals is available at Pune city. E-locals covers almost all the localities of Pune, Patna, Bengaluru, and Ranchi and some other places of India. Our delivery executives are placed at multiple localities to ensure easy and fast delivery to the customers.

2What about the home delivery services in COVID-19 lockdown time?

E-locals abide by all the civic guidelines stated by the state government. We have delivery executives who have been checked medically. They have the right temperature, with no-bid symptoms. They are vaccinated and ensure complete safety. Our services are available at lockdown time as well. Therefore, none of you is required to go out risking your precious life as we are here to give you all that you need at your home to live a healthy and standard lifestyle.

3How do I order at E-locals?

To order at E-locals, you can use our website that is elocals.in. We have listed all the items on our website to understand the customers better. For each product, you will find the item description, which will ensure you all the various features and other essential aspects of the item. Customers must read the item description to provide the best buy for themselves. The thing is then supposed to be added to the cart, then you have your process with your order and move to the shopping part. Enter your address and choose the payment method. Confirm your order at last, and you are done. It is straightforward and convenient to order at E-locals.

4Do I have to register with the E-locals to place an order?

No. It is not necessary to register on our website to place your order. You can easily log in to our website as a guest user and place your order by putting in your address. E-locals always understand the contents of customers, and therefore, we have not made it mandatory to register and place the order.

5How do I cancel an order?

If you want to place an order with E-locals, you can contact us or visit our website. You need to log in to your account and check the placed orders; from that tab, you will get a cancel option, clicking at which you will see another window. This window will ask you for a reason for cancelling the item. Once you put in the grounds, you can confirm the cancellation. It is effortless to cancel orders with us and return your refunds within 15-20 working days.

6Is there any additional charge if I cancel an order?

No, there are no additional charges to cancel the order. But, if you cancel the order right when it gets delivered to you, you face a delay in refunds. We initiate refunds once we are done with our cancellation prices, and it takes around 15-20 days to refund the total amount. Once you have the payments with cash and then want to cancel the order, you might get some coupons and not the total amount you have paid.

7How do I know what time I will receive my delivery?

Once we assign you a delivery executive, we will share his contact details with you. The first thing you can do to know when to receive your order is to contact the delivery executive. The following essential thing that can help you learn about the order is our high-end classy tracking system. This tracking system will give you information about your order and let you know where it has reached and when it will get delivered to you.

8Are you open every day?

E-locals have its website open for 365 days, ensuring convenience to the customers every day. We deal in everyday products and hence, we are barely on leave. Therefore, reach out to us every day to become a part of your daily life.

9What do I do if I forget my password?

You can request to change your password at our website. We have an easy to use interface using which you can easily change your password. We will share the password changing the link to your given email address. It would be easy for you to use that link and add a new password to your E-local account.

10What are the modes of payment?

There are multiple payment options available at E-locals for the convenience of the Customers. You can make payments using cash, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, online wallets; you can swipe cards at the time of delivery. Hence, do not get worried about the payment option as all the methods are end to end encrypted and ensured.

11How will I get my money back if I cancel the order?

It takes almost 15-20 days to get the refund on the compilation of products. The amount will be credited to your account through which you have made the payments. If you have made the payment online, you will be provided with coupons of the same amount, which you can use for further orders.

12Are there any delivery charges or minimum order quantity?

We have no certain restrictions on shipping, and there are no minimum orders that are compulsory to be placed to get your order shipped from us. Hence, buy from us without limitations and enjoy the freedom of choice with total comfort and ease.

13Can I return the products that are ordered?

We never hesitate to accept the return proposals from our customers and assure them of an easy return policy. Customers can return their products within two days, and they must have the bill along with them while returning the product. They can return by contacting us directly or initiate the return process through our websites.

14How good is the quality of the products?

We have got the most high-end quality of ration items. All the local store items have quality marks, and the required items are also certified by ISI. We never compromise with the quality and deliver the fresh items to our customers. Whether You order from us in the morning or you buy from us at night, you will get the best quality of products throughout the day without any fail. Our store's vegetables and fruits are entirely fresh and of premium quality. We follow the strict protocols while choosing medicines and dairy products, too. We are connected with the daily suppliers of fruits and vegetables who bring the best farm products to our store. All the Home Services we list on our website are individual service providers.