Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is a ubiquitous term that we often use and face, while running an ecommerce store. We find generous customers in our daily experience who want to cancel their orders for one or the other reasons. Their reasons might differ, but they have one single question of how they can cancel their order and the policies for the same.
It is straightforward for the customers to cancel their order while buying with E-locals. They are eligible to get refunds within 15-20 working days, and it is necessary for them to state the valid reasons to cancel the order. Customers are also expected to remain patient with the refunds as banking transactions might take time. Hence, the cancellation policy is straightforward and convenient for customers buying from E-locals.

  • The right time to cancel

    While you're planning to cancel your order, you are required to know the correct time to cancel. An ideal customer should cancel the item before it gets dispatched. This will save a lot of our energy and minimise the load of delivery executives. Also, once you cancel your order before it is shipped, you can ask for refunds in a minimum time. Once the border has reached you and ten you are withdrawing it, then the protocols of cancellation are strict and might take a long time to refund.
    Hence, customers are required to give the right time to cancel their orders to get the best services for E-locals. We never want to create any hindrance for our customers, and hence, we always want them to get our services without any hassle and challenges. So, if you wish to cancel your order, cancel it to be dispatched to get easy refunds.
  • Cancellation at doorstep

    If you cancel your order or any specific product right when the delivery executive has reached our doorstep, you might have to follow specific strict protocols. Cancelling the order at the doorstep might happen due to multiple era pens. If you are balancing since you haven't got the right product, you have the right to complain and get the replacement. If the product is damaged or lost, there are replacement provisions.
    When we are offering the reserves, we are not supposed to give you any refunds. If you do not want any replacement and are looking for immediate cancellation with refunds, a refund might take 15-20 days. There is a detailed process through which we accept cancelling and initiate the refunds. Hence, we expect our customers to ensure the cancellation policy and remain patient with the repayments.
  • Return policy

    If you have accepted an order but did not like the product or its quality and want to return it, we have a return policy for the same. E-locals understand all the requirements and expectations of our customers. Therefore, we never hesitate to accept the return proposals from our customers and assure them of an easy return policy. Customers can return their products within two days, and they must have the bill along with them while returning the product.
    They can return by contacting us directly or initiate the return process through our websites. There Are no replacements available if the item is returned. Also, the refunds are initiated within 15-20 working days. Hence, customers should be patient with the repayments while starting a particular product's return.
  • Replacement Policy

    Replacements are available at E-locals in case of damages or loss of product. If you're getting a product that is not the same as you ordered, then you can expect replacements. If the product is damaged or quality is not up to the make, the locals never hesitate to replace the product. Our primary aim is to ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers, and therefore, we never compromise with the services and offer replacement policies with ease and comfort.
    You can connect with us to get your item replaced. We will send our executive who will take the product from you and send you the replacement item. Grocery items get damaged if kept for longer ho issues. Hence, customers must check the order at the time of delivery and initiate the replacement soon after delivery. It will help us to ensure effective and efficient replacement services.
  • Refunds

    Refunds for E-locals generally take 15-20 days. This is because of the banking procedures. Many customers pay in cash, so initiating their refunds in cash is barely possible for us. In that case, we offer coupons which they can use in future orders. It is straightforward to contact us with any of your queries related to refunds. A dedicated team is assigned to ensure better understanding to customers. Hence, refunds take 15-20 days with specific strict protocols.
    E-locals never hesitate to assist customers. Hence, we ensure cancellation, return, and replacement policies with easy protocol and processes. All the customers are requested to abide by our terms and conditions and maintain peace and patience while dealing with refunds. It would enhance their shopping experience and help us assist them in the best possible manner.