Privacy Policy

E-locals, bearing website, understands the privacy concerns of the customers. It is true that whenever we shop online, we get worried about our privacy while sharing our personal information. When dealing with E-locals, you can be carefree about your privacy and security. With our exceptional team assigned to secure the data shared by the customers, the privacy team accounts for experts who manage data after having enough experience in dealing with all such aspects of customers. Hence, all the customers can stay assured about their privacy and security while buying their bare essentials from us, not forgetting to read the entire policies, terms & conditions, before proceeding to use the website. All the dates you will share with you will be secured with a strong password. Our team will look after it and manage it most professionally and effectively.

Information Collected

All the information collected from the customers, such as name, email address, phone number, location, etc., can be used by the officials of E-locals for professional concerns. We might use your email address and other contact details to keep you updated about our latest products and services. Delivery executives can use your phone number to contact you while delivering the order.
Moreover, they have access to your GPS location to understand your dates and ensure the delivery process. Hence, in our privacy policy, we hold the right to use the information collected from our customers and use it as and when required. We ensure the appropriate use of your data and always take care of your privacy and security. Therefore, remain carefree about your data and enjoy buying for E-locals.

Use of your information and your preferences

Other than your personal information, E-locals hold the right to use additional info of yours as well. E-locals check the activities that you have done on our website. We can contain the links you've clicked on our website. We can look for your location information to ensure the best delivery service spots Sible. We might use your contact details to notify you about our latest products. Moreover, once we check on the links you have clicked upon, we can know about your preferences and share your details accordingly. Therefore, our privacy policy is to review your preferences and other vital information to ensure your better experience at E-locals. How Bere, you can get rid of all such notifications once you unsubscribe from our services. Customers have all the rights to ensure their privacy and get rid of any unnecessary details. At E-locals, we strive to bring comfort and satisfaction to our customers, and therefore, all the policies of our firm are designed accordingly.

Disclosures of your information

E-locals always ensure complete privacy and security to all the customers with a team of professionals. Many customers find it challenging to share their problems. They have severe specific privacy concerns due to which they avoid sharing their personal information. Whenever you are happy with being E-locals, we ensure you complete assistance. Our officials are available all the time to give you the best shopping experience without any privacy or security concerns. Whenever you share any details with us, we use them professionally. Our customers' information is protected by our exceptional team, who never compress with the quality of services. Therefore, customers do not have to be concerned about it. When it comes to the disclosure of your information, then you can be stress-free. We never share any of your data with any other outside person. Your data is secured with our team, and hence, you can rely on us while registering at our website.

Legal Disclaimer

Customers are required to share their authentic information with us. Numerous customers often share false information, due to which we later have to face multiple challenges. Our delivery executives struggle to reach the right location at the right time once the information shared with us is false. Therefore, we have the legal right to ask our customers for all the correct information for a better experience. It would be helpful for both sellers and customers if the information shared is authentic and accurate; therefore, if you do not want to face any legal problems, you must share the correct information.


Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which enables the server to collect data from the browser. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. Local websites use your browsers' cookies to keep track of the activities you are doing on our website. We have a dedicated team who look after the cookies of all the visitors to our websites. There is no harm associated with this, and hence, customers can expect a better experience with us. Cookies help our tea to know the preferences and choices of our customers. With this, we can underrate the desires of our customers and share relevant information with them. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that cookies are beneficial for customers as they get correct and required notifications per their needs and requirements.

Changes in this Privacy Statement

E-locals have all the rights and authority to change the privacy statement at any time without any prior information. Privacy policies are designed while keeping in mind the welfare of both buyers and sellers. Therefore, this might change with changing ties. Customers are required to read the privacy policy before the meter into our service page, and it will help them remain carefree about the services they are getting. Once the customers are sure that their benefits are secured with us, then they would easily buy and enjoy the comfort provided by E-locals. Therefore, keep a regular check on the privacy policy as it might get changed without prior notice. E-locals never fail to provide complete satisfaction and pleasure to the customer. Therefore, we have a customer privacy policy that ensures privacy and security to each of our customers and gives them a worthwhile shopping experience at our digital store.