Shipping Policy

E-locals believe in a straightforward shipping process to provide convenience to customers. We are counted among one of the most reliable grocery stores in India, with professionalism and experience standing at par. We have an energetic team who look after the shipping of products ordered by our customers. We ensure a fast and effective shopping process due to which one of our customers face delay in their orders. We provide delivery within 24 hours of order placed.
Multiple delivery executives are assigned at various localities of the respective areas, to ensure on-time delivery without any hassles. All the delivery executives are professional, hence, there could be no privacy ad issues. Therefore, you can rely on us without any second thought regarding the shipping process.

Order Processing Duration

From order processing duration, we organize all your ordered products in a shipping bag and process it with the bill. This step of our shipping process involves all the products ordered by the customers. We check on the quality of products, replace the damaged or poor quality products with high-end products, maintain the products with bills, and secure them in a strong bag. Order processing is an essential part of shipping as this ensures the right product with critical bills to the customers. Hence, E-locals never compromise with this step and provide the best shipping policy.

Delivery Time

E-locals aim to provide comfort and convenience to the customers. This is the reason why we do not delay our shipping process. We generally take 12-15 hours to drive the order. The delivery might get delayed till 24 hours in some major circumstances. Hence, customers can expect their order within 24 hours after placing the order. We have proficient delivery executives who are well on time and never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our delivery time is 8am - 10pm. So do not bother to leave your house and get your favourite daily essentials right at your doorstep with E-locals.

Shipping Costs

E-locals barely fail to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. We know that customers often get concerned about the high shipping charges and avoid online shopping for daily essentials. At E-locals, we have an experienced staff who study the needs and requirements of the customers and give them complete ease while buying from us. We have very minimal shipping charges, which depend on location. As there are various far away localities in Pune, so in such a case, the delivery cost might go a little high, but it would be minimal and easily affordable. There is no minimum order for home delivery. Hence, you can get rid of all your concerns about delivery costs while dealing with E-locals.

International Shipping

E-locals and their high-class servers are restricted to India, and hence, there are no circumstances that allow international deliveries. We provide our shipping service in various localities that come under the geographical boundary of the respective city. If you want to get it shipped to any international loyalties, you can buy from us and take postal services from any other company.

Shipping Limitations

There are no limitations on shipping. Various stores have a specific minimum order limit for door to door delivery. But, when it comes to E-locals, we never leave any scope of disappointment. We want our customers to get all the services they desire from us. Hence, we have no certain restrictions on shipping. There are no minimum orders that are compulsory to be placed to get your order shipped from us. Therefore, buy from us without limitations and enjoy the freedom of choice with total comfort and ease.

Possible Interruptions And Delays

E-locals always claim to deliver the orders in minimum time. But, there are certain circumstances, and interruptions, due to which delivery might get delayed. Sometimes, delivery executives are not available; weather might not be favourable, heavy traffic on roads, etc., are significant circumstances that cause interruptions in our delivery process. In such cases, E-locals expect customers to belittle patients and be faithful pon us. We always ensure the best service to our customers, and therefore, we try to avoid such interruptions in the shipping process. Therefore, if someday, any customer faces a delay, we are reliable to them, and ensure the delivery in time.

Delivery executives

E-locals understand the security concerns of the customers. Hence, we have got the most professional, ethical, and experienced delivery executives dedicated enough to give the best services to the customers. All the delivery executives are educated and well behaved, and they know how to treat a customer and ensure complete privacy to them. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about the delivery executive coming to you to deliver your order from E-locals.

Order Tracking Information

E-locals provide a complete system through which customers can easily track the position of their order. We have a free tracking system to keep a check on your order. This tracking system will make you aware of the stage at which your order is being held. For example, if your order is processed, the tracking system will inform you; with this, you can also check where your delivery executive has reached. Hence, E-locals ensure you complete information about your order from when you placed it until it goes to your door.
Shipping with E-locals is a process that is being done with proper consideration and professionalism. We never compromise with any of our services and ensure 100% pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore, do not hesitate while ordering for E-locals and get your item shipped to your doorstep in the minimum time. It would be very affordable for you to take our shipping services as the delivery charges are nominal and reasonable. Moreover, the delivery is being done in a short time no matter at which place of the city you are located. Hence, E-locals could be your daily partner who will provide you with the most effective and ethical shipping services.