Terms & Conditions

E-locals, bearing website www.elocals.in, ensure complete security and assurance to the customers, by providing comprehensive information about our digital store's services, features, and various essential aspects within these terms and conditions. To maintain a healthy buyer-seller relationship, all the customers are expected to abide by these terms and conditions, before surfing and shopping from this website. While shopping for an ecommerce store, there are numerous doubts and queries in the mind of customers. All these things are to be cleared by the sellers to ensure a better customer experience. Understand all these requirements and concerns of the customers; therefore, we always remain transparent with the terms and conditions, various policies, services, and other crucial information. Some essential terms and conditions that would add to your buying experience from E-locals are as follows:

  • All the customers are bound to abide by the terms and conditions of our website.
  • Customers are expected to read the item descriptions carefully before buying any product.
  • Customers are bound by the conditions of sale included in the item's description.
  • All the information you will share with us while registering yourself on our portal can be used to transfer data to you.
  • We are eligible to get your personal information like your name, email address, phone numbers, postal code, location, etc.
  • While buying medicines, customers must share paper prescriptions to ensure any illegal use of drugs.
  • The website is majorly available for adults 18 years or above.
  • Children with age 13 years and above are allowed to use the website only under the guidance of their parents or guardian.
  • We can use GPS or other similar technology to determine your current location.
  • Customers might be required to share their demographic details under certain circumstances such as age, gender, occupation, education, etc.
These are some of the essential terms and conditions of E-locals that every customer is required to ensure. The terms and conditions are specified to understand the customers better. We are transparent and herbst with our services, and therefore, we leave no scope for doubts and confusion. Hence, if you are all set to buy from us, agree to these terms and conditions and create a better shopping experience with ease and comfort with E-locals.


E-locals sell all the products on the MRP until there are any specific circumstances. All the offers, discounts and deals are provided by us to benefit poor customers. The grocery items such as rice, pulses, other cereals, etc., are sold at the most competitive prices. The primary concern of E-locals is to provide the best product at the most effective cost. Hence, customers will always get the best price for groceries, dairy products, meats, home services, and medicines right at the E-locals. Customers must stick to the price as we have a fixed price.
Additional discounts and deals are available with certain coupons and codes specific to certain customers. For example, new users get extra discounts with free delivery. Similarly, there are certain other packets and digestive deals available for our customers. You can buy all the items by knowing their prices written in the item descriptions. Do not bother about prices; you will get everything at the most competitive and reasonable price.


If you buy a particular item from us and return it at the time of delivery, then there are specific procedures that one has to follow. If you cancel the offer within an hour of the order, you are eligible to get a full refund. But, if you are returning the item once the delivery executive has reached your place, you might face some delay on refunds.
This is because we will look for the reason for Refunds. If there is inevitable damage to our porch, we will provide a replacement. If the item is not the same as you had ordered, there is a replacement policy for that. But, if you cannot return the order, you might face difficulty while getting the refunds. However, if you have changed your mind about the product and cancelled your order before it is dispatched, rebates are available within 15-20 working days.


If you are cancelling the order before it is dispatched, you can expect refunds in a minimum time. There are certain policies that we have to follow to ensure proper working. We are professionals; hence, professional protocols are there at every step, resulting in the cancellation and refunds to take some time. We ensure transparency throughout the cancellation process.
Other than this, if we fund any fraudulent transaction at our website for any of our customers, we hold their right to cancel the order by ourselves. We will never encourage any fraud or illegal practice. Hence, you can be sure about the effective and efficient services and ensuite buying your daily essentials without any discomfort.


We have tried our best to present the same colour of the product, but even if there are specific changes in the paint due to technology, we do not hold any responsibility for that. Differences in colours could happen for multiple reasons. It could be due to your monitor screen, and it could occur due to the brightness of your device, colour of your display, camera issues, etc. Hence, colour problems are not considered when it comes to the products.


All the customers must agree and confirm these terms and conditions to avoid any hassles in the future. Eloclas never compromises with any details and always ensures the customer's best series. Therefore, we expect our customers to cooperate with us and provide a healthy working environment.
We request your customers to share authentic information to ensure easy delivery processes. We are not usually the ones who handle any delayed delivery due to false information. Customers are responsible for sharing information with us to get their orders. You are transacting at your sole risk. Customers are bound to abide by such terms and conditions to secure their rights.


E-locals have all the rights to modify these terms and conditions without any prior or proper notice. These terms and conditions are decided to keep the present market scenario in mind. These terms and conditions can also get changed with changing market trends, and customers should keep themselves updated before agreeing to it.